Dates from the Diary…

Concert in Limerick featuring the RTE Orchestra playing music written by Fergal Lawler.

Chicago’s Mysteries

The popular TV series looks at the most famous spooky tale out of Hull House is that of the “devil baby,” a child with cloven hooves, a tail, and horns who is said to have lived in the attic.

Music by Cathleen Flynn, Jeff Meegan and David Tobin.

New album for Freshworx

I’ll be working for the next two months on the production of a new album for the Freshworx label.

More details to come…

The smell of chicken

Delivered the score for an upcoming BFI Film, The Smell of Chicken.

During Shabbat dinner with her family, an elegant granny transforms into a gluttonous beast when she gorges on roast chicken. Her grandchild follows her back in time through post World War 2 Lithuania to Israel where she learns why granny eats chicken like it’s the last day of her life.

Director and writer: Sivan Raphaelly, producer Nia Alavezos, music by Cathleen Flynn.

Working with Fergal Lawler

I was delighted to work with Fergal Lawler, Cranberries drummer and Grammy nominee on the orchestration of a new project. I was even more delighted by his kind comments “Cathleen, you’re a lifesaver.”

New album from Audio Network

Recording with David Tobin and Jeff Meegan at The School Farm Studios for an upcoming Audio Network CD.

RTÉ Lyric Live

I was delighted to feature on RTÉ’s Lyric Live when Paul Herriott introduced some very special new recordings by Irish composers performed by the RTÉ Concert Orchestra and conductor Gavin Maloney.

The Most Beautiful Places in Chicago 2

Beautiful Chicago back in the spotlight

Once again, WTTW’s Geoffrey Baer tours some of Chicago’s most beautiful places and reveals the stories behind them. I collaborated with Jeff Meegan and David Tobin on the soundtrack for this acclaimed series.


Beautiful Chicago revisited


The Most Beautiful Places in Chicago, Cathleen’s joint project with Jeff Meegan and David Tobin, has been greenlighted for a second series on PBS.

Work begins at the start of August with the broadcast date to be confirmed.

Daughter of the Bride launches on US TV

Daughter of the Bride, with music by Cathleen Flynn, Jeff Meegan and David Tobin will launch in the US on Fox on June 27. Hulu will show the film, which stars Marcia Gay Harden, Halston Sage, Andrew Richardson and Aidan Quinn from the following day.

Watch this space for an update on wider release outside the USA.