Albums By Cathleen Flynn

‘ Working with Cathleen brought an entirely new dimension to my work. Her research, attention to detail and willingness to engage with the songs on an intuitive level allowed for a distinct kind of musicality to be drawn out of songs that were originally written for a four-piece band comprised of guitar, harmonium, viola and vocals. I could not recommend Cathleen highly enough as a collaborator and as a bridge between the worlds of singer-songwriter and orchestral composition.’

Dani Larkin, Singer/Songwriter


Tommy Fleming Double Album – Stories. Song: Be All You…

Stop and Change

Sem Moioli “CD “Stop And Change” String and Horn Arrangements


A sparkling collection of magical make-believe and winter wonderland excitement…

Fragile World

Album for Big Screen Music. CREDIT: Composer

Between Worlds

Between Worlds (Orchestra Version with Dani Larkin) Dani Larkin is…

The Scratch

The Scratch performing Aerials with the RTÉ orchestra CREDIT: Arranger

Elegant – Emotive

CREDIT: Composer

Piano Halos

Piano Halos Piano Halos is from the Freshworx library which…


Cinemalism Cinemalism is a CD from the Jump library.  The…

Modern Piano Patterns

Modern Piano Patterns Modern Piano Patterns is a CD from the…