About Cathleen Flynn

‘Cathleen is one of those rare musicians that is both instinctively creative, but also really easy to work with and one of the most efficient people I’ve ever met. It makes collaborating with her a total joy! She intrinsically understands how to meet the needs of a director by really listening to the brief and finding a creative way to meet it.

‘She’s also able to take a musical idea and boil it down to its essence, meaning that every note is there for a reason. Nothing is wasted. It’s a rare gift.’

David Tobin, Composer/Orchestrator/Musician

As a highly sought out composer, Cathleen Flynn has scored an extensive range of media projects, including feature films, documentaries, comedies, dramedies, commercials, trailers and children’s programs.

Ms. Flynn has also worked on major feature films and television series. Working in America, UK and Ireland, she has developed a strong international reputation as a skilled and creative composer, musician, orchestrator, music/vocal arranger, music editor, music transcriptionist, and copyist.

Additionally, Cathleen holds a well-respected Professional Certificate from Berklee School of Music in Film and Television Composition and Orchestration.

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